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You can start 120 days before your US trip!

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How It Works?

Start making your purchases up to 120 days before arriving in the United States
receive everything at your hotel or pick up at one of our thousands of lockers.

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Step 1

Register and receive for free our tax-free address with the identifier of your suite here in the USA

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Buy directly from the stores' websites and send to your suite address, you can buy from more than one

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Schedule Delivery

Now just schedule the delivery. Dispatch your purchases between 3 and 7 days before your arrival.

About Zip4Me Can I
trust you?

Founded in 2017, Zip4Me is a leader in the purchase redirection segment, specializing in sending products from the USA to global clients via mail. With a solid base of more than 250,000 clients, we have already dispatched over 200,000 packages and managed over $100 million in merchandise.

Recognized in the media and endorsed by influencers, our reputation is evidenced by numerous visits from renowned YouTubers to our operation in Oregon, solidifying our status as a reference in the sector.

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Our Services

In addition to managing the receipt of your purchases, we offer a series of additional services
that make this experience even more interesting.

Consolidate your purchases

Consolidate your purchases

You can buy from multiple stores and then consolidate everything into a single package for the final destination

Product Photos

Product Photos

Each purchase received is recorded with photos of all the contents

Electronics Testing

Electronics Testing

If you want to test any item, count on our team of experts to do so

Package Disposal

Package Disposal

Optionally, you can request the disposal of anything you consider unnecessary, such as packaging, brochures, etc.

Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled Delivery

Schedule and pick up your purchases at one of our locations on your first day of travel.

Scheduled Delivery

90 Days of Free Storage

You can start shopping here in the USA up to 90 days before your trip and not pay anything extra for it.


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Our Prices

We only charge for packages sent, the entire process of receiving merchandise,
storage and consolidation of purchases is 100% free.

Small Package


  • - Up to 5 pounds
  • - Shipping cost not included
  • - Shipping starts at $37.59

Medium Package


  • - Up to 25 pounds
  • - Shipping cost not included
  • - Shipping starts at $43.96

Large Package


  • - Up to 60 pounds
  • - Shipping cost not included
  • - Shipping starts at $108.90

X-Large Package


  • - Up to 150 pounds
  • - Shipping cost not included
  • - Ask for rates

Meet Pedro's Story

Pedro traveled to the United States and used Zip4Me, starting his shopping 2 months before arriving.

Pedro utilized our Tax Free address and instantly saved enough to cover his flight cost. Watch the full story by viewing the video on the side (Turn on the subtittles) .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about our service for anticipating purchases in the USA.

How can I anticipate my purchases in the USA?

To anticipate your purchases, just register on our platform. You will receive a tax-free address in the United States to use for your online purchases. We manage the receipt and ensure delivery at your hotel or at a pickup point of your choice.

How far in advance can I make purchases?

You have the freedom to make your purchases up to 120 days in advance of your arrival date in the United States, allowing you to take advantage of the best offers and plan your trip with peace of mind.

Why is the provided address tax-free?

Our infrastructure is located in the state of Oregon, a privileged location where product sales are exempt from taxes. This benefit is available to non-residents who intend to take the purchased products out of the USA, making the purchase completely legal and more economical.

How is the delivery of my purchases made?

After your purchases arrive at our distribution center, we take care of consolidation and prepare everything for delivery. You can choose to receive your purchases directly at the hotel where you will be staying in the USA or pick them up at one of our pickup points scattered throughout the country.

How do the pickup points work?

We have partnerships with various courier companies, allowing the use of the "Hold at Location" service. This enables us to offer accessible pickup points in all 50 states of the USA, covering a vast geographical area for your convenience.

How do I pick up my purchases?

After requesting shipment, indicate the address of the hotel where you will be staying. We will send your purchases to the nearest pickup point and provide the complete address and retrieval instructions via WhatsApp or Email. At the time of pickup, present a photo ID (Passport) and the tracking number provided by us.

Can I track my purchases?

Yes, we offer a tracking system that allows you to follow the journey of your purchases from receipt at our center to the final delivery, providing transparency and security.

What if I need help or have other questions?

Our team is ready to offer support at all stages of your purchase process. For additional questions, please contact us through the support channels made available on the platform.